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What’s Happening

Film Preview


  • Cannes World Film Fest - France (FINALIST)

  • Buenos Aires Indie Short Awards - Argentina (AWARD WINNER - BEST 1ST SHORT FILM/NEW DIRECTOR)

  • 10th Logcinema Art Film Fest - Argentina (AWARD WINNER - BEST SHORT)

  • Crown Point Int'l. Film Fest - Chicago (AWARD WINNER - BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY)

  • Portland Shorts Int'l. Film Fest - Portland (AWARD WINNER - BEST HORROR SHORT)

  • San Diego Movie Awards - San Diego (AWARD WINNER - BEST FOREIGN SHORT)

  • Indie Movies Spark Film Fest - Netherlands (AWARD WINNER - BEST MICRO SHORT)

  • Indo French Int'l. Film Fest - India (AWARD WINNER - BEST INT. SHORT FILM)

  • Nawada Int'l. Film Fest 4th Season - India (AWARD WINNER - BEST SHORT FILM)

  • Indian Independent Film Fest - India (AWARD WINNER - BEST STUDENT SHORT FILM)

  • Five Continents Int'l. Film Fest - Venezuela (AWARD WINNER - BEST HORROR SHORT FILM)

  • Beyond Borders Int'l. Film Fest - Kolkata (AWARD WINNER - BEST STUDENT FILM)

  • Kookai Int'l. Film Fest - Kerala (AWARD WINNER- BEST SHORT)

  • Wallachia Int'l. Film Fest - Romania (AWARD WINNER - BEST MICRO MOVIE)

  • iDeal Int'l. Film Fest - India (AWARD WINNER - BEST SHORT)

  • Athens Int'l. Film Fest - Greece (HONORABLE MENTION)

  • Monthly Future of Film Awards - Macedonia (HONORABLE MENTION)

  • KINO Int'l. Film Fest - Ottawa (HONORABLE MENTION)

  • New York Cinematography Awards - NYC (FINALIST)

  • Independent Shorts Awards - Los Angeles (FINALIST)

  • Seattle Independent Movie Awards - Seattle (FINALIST)

  • Top Shorts Film Fest - Online (SEMI-FINALIST)

  • Canadian Cinematography Awards - Toronto (SEMI-FINALIST)

  • European Cinematography Awards - Amsterdam (SEMI-FINALIST)

  • Swedish Int'l. Film Fest - Sweden (OFFICIAL SELECTION - NOMINEE)

  • Barcelona Indie Awards - Spain (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Rome Prisma Film Awards - Italy (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Liverpool Indie Awards - Liverpool UK (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Onyko Film Awards - Ukraine (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Broadway Int'l. Film Fest - Los Angeles (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Screaming Ostrich Int'l. Film Fest -  Boston (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Stockholm City Film Fest -  Sweden (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Crown Wood Int'l. Film Fest - India (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Symbiotic Film Fest - Ukraine (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Toronto Tamil Film Fest - Toronto (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Festival Academia de Cine Antigua 2023 -  Guatemala (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

  • Ural Shorts - Russia (OFFICIAL SELECTION)

Film Set


We will be premiering the film on July 8th at 11am PST at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma, Washington. Please email us to get your free tickets as we have a limited capacity.

Watching a Movie


Coming soon!

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